Egypt Dining with a View




Windows on the World

Windows on the World Restaurant, 36th floor, Hilton Ramses, 1115 Corniche el-Nil, Maspiro, Cairo. +20 2 2577 7444 Great views of the Nile and City. Rooftop cocktail bar. Daily 5pm-2am.

Terrace Café, Ramses Hilton Hotel, Cairo. Daily 12.15pm-12.15am.

Pyramids Bar, Rooftop of Nile Hilton, Cairo Great view.

Jayda Lounge and Bar, Conrad Hilton, Cairo.

The Revolving Restaurant, 41st floor, Grand Hyatt Cairo, Corniche al-Nil, Manial Roda Island, Cairo. +20 2 365 1234 Best. Grand Hyatt Cairo offers a spectacular range of international dining options, the heart of which is located on different levels of the hotel, separated by impressive water features, rocks and covered by a glass facade that provides sweeping views of the Nile. 7pm-1am.

Khan El Khalili, Mena House Oberoi, , Cairo. Cafe-of-the-world, 24 hours restaurant, offering choice of continental and oriental cuisine, overlooking the Pyramids. also Sultan Lounge Enjoy cocktails with a panoramic view of the Pyramids.

Stage One is the Conrad Cairo’s contemporary, living room style lounge and bar. Relax and unwind in this stylish oasis and soak up the multi-cultural vibes of Cairo. The cosmopolitan Cairo bar is the ideal place to meet with friends and enjoy a drink. Enjoy a refreshing beer or beverage while gazing over stunning views of the city and the River Nile.

Zitouni, Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza, Four Seasons, 1089 Corniche El Nil, Garden City, Cairo 11519. +20 2 2791 7000 Relax in the main dining area and enjoy stunning views of the Nile. 24 hours a day.

Roof Garden Coffee Shop, Odeon Palace Hotel, 6 Sharia Abdel Hamid Said, Downtown, Cairo. +20 2 2577 6637 24 hours. Great for sunsets. Maarouf, Qasr an Nile, Cairo.

Cairo Marriott, Hotel Omar, Khayyam Casino, Cairo. Nileside garden lunch.

The Revolving Restaurant Lounge, 40th floor, Grand Nile Tower, Corniche El Nil, Garden City, Manial, Cairo, Egypt. +20 2 2365 1234 Located on the 40th floor overlooking a panoramic view of Cairo and the Nile River. It rotates 360 degrees in 75 minutes, bringing the Pyramids, the Nile River and the entire city of Cairo all into view. Alcohol.

Fontana, Grand Nile Tower, Corniche El Nil, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt. All-day dining restaurant with panoramic view of the Nile, offers European and Middle Eastern specialities. Directly on the magnificent Nile on the tip of Roda Island.

La Dorada, Grand Nile Tower, Corniche El Nil, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt.

Baccarat, Grand Nile Tower, Corniche El Nil, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt. Classical stunning dining while luxuriously cruising the Nile onboard Marquise, Grand Nile Tower's private yacht with daily live entertainment and belly dancer.

Marquise, Grand Nile Tower’s private yacht with daily live entertainment and belly dancer. Classical stunning dining while luxuriously cruising the Nile.

LE JARDIN Cecil Sofitel, Gleaming marble tables and leafy plants catch the sunlight which floods through Le Jardin's full-length windows overlooking the sea.

Cecil ,

Paprika, 1129 Corniche-el-Nil, Cairo. +20 2 578 9447. South of TV Building.

Scarabee, +20 2 2794 344, 4 docked cruises Corniche-el-Nil near Shepherds Hotel - floating.

Restaurant Florencia, Hotel Flamenco, 2 El Gezira El Wosta Street, Zamalek, Cairo. +20 2 2735 0815 email

Blue Bird Revolving Restaurant Cairo Tower Aka Borg al-Qahira, this 613-ft concrete erection in Zamalek became the subject of an Islamist fatwa in 1990, on the grounds that it might “excite women”. There’s an observation deck and revolving restaurant at the top. On top of the 185 meter Cairo is a Revolving restaurant and cafe. Panoramic views over Cairo. On a clear day the Pyramids at Giza nearly 20km away can be seen views whilst dining.

Sequoia Lounge, 53 Sharia Abu al-Fida, Zamalek, Cairo. +20 2 25776 8086 Daily 11am-1am. Right on the water. Upmarket. 1pm-1am.

Sequoia, Sharia Abu al-Fida, Zamalek, Cairo. Panoramic views +20 2 2735 0014 Booking required. Stylish outdoor lounge. upmarket right on the water Northern tip of Zamallek

Andrea, Sharia Abu-al-Fida, Zamalek, Cairo. Waterside terrace.

Hotel Longchamps, 21 Ismail Muhammad St, Zamalek, Cairo. +20 2 2735 2311 Terrace bar overlooking Zamalek.

El Kababgy, 3 Sharia El Thawra, Zamalek, Cairo. +20 2 2737 3737.

Sangria, Corniche El Nile, Cairo. +20 2 579 6512 A cool restaurant and bar built around an old tree on the banks of the Nile. Enjoy a view of Zamalek. Stunning Nile view. On the opposite side of the road from the Conrad Hilton towards the Arkadia Shopping Centre.

Il Piccolo Mondo, Le Pacha 1901, +20 2 2735 6730 moored off Sharia Saray-al-Gezera, Zamalek near Cairo Marriott.

Le Steak, Le Pacha 1901, Moored off Sharia Saray-al-Gezera, Zamalek, Cairo. Near Cairo Marriott. Panoramic.

The Fish Market, Americana Boat, moored off Sharia Saray-al-Gezera, Zamalek, Cairo. In front of Cairo Marriott, 26 Sharia el-Nil. +20 2 3570 9693

Mazmaza, Le Pacha 1901 Boat Saray, Al-Gezira St, Zamalek, Cairo. +20 2 2735 6730 Restored paddle boat with 4 restaurants on board.

Fish Market, on Americana Boat, 26 Sharia el-Nil, Cairo. +20 2 570 9693.

The Moghul Room, Mena House Oberoi, Pyramids Rd, Giza. +20 2 3377 3222 ext 6840 View of Pyramids from the dining room.

Khan al-Khalili Restaurant, Mena House Oberoi, Pyramids Rd, Giza.

Seasons Restaurant, 3rd level, Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence, 35 Giza Street, 12311 Giza, Cairo. +20 2 3567 1600. West Bank. Overlooking Cairo and the Nile River. Offers nightly themed buffets. Sat: Thai buffet. Sun: Italian. Mon: French. Tues: Mediterranean. Wed: Seafood. Thurs: Egyptian. Fri: Jazz Brunch.

Library Bar, 3rd floor, Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence, 35 Giza Street, Giza, Cairo 12311 . +20 2 3567 1600. Spectacular view overlooking the Nile. Daily 6pm-1am.

Pano Vino Terrace, Semiramis InterContinental Hotel, Cairo. +20 2 2795 7171 Marvellous panoramic river views. XX .

Midan Rameses cafe, Everest Hotel, 15th floor, great views, 24 hr, nr Ramses Station.

Odean Palace Hotel, 6 Sharia Abdel Hamid Said, Cairo. +20 2 2577 6637 Rooftop 24 hrs bar.

Sofitel, El Gezirah, Cairo. Nileside panoramic Nile views.

Nile Peking, opposite Nilometer, floating and sails.

Carmen Lounge,  Flamenco Resort, Red Sea,

Nile Pharoah, cruising, Mock Pharaonic barges operated by Oberoi Hotels.

Golden Pharoah, barge, 1 km S of El Gama's Bridge.

Le Chalet, Nasr Building, Cairo. +20 2 748 6270

Seagull, 106 Sharia el-Nil , Doggi, Cairo. 12 noon-12 midnight. Nileside. West Bank.

La Piazza,

Maison Thomas, opposite the Marriott.

La Poire,

Nile Maxim. +20 2 738 8888 Docked in front of the Cairo Marriott Hotel, Zamalek. Cruises.

Happyton Hotel, Rooftop bar, This place is on a quiet street in Cairo if you can imagine that and it is near the Karim Cinema. It has a restaurant and open air rooftop bar. Rooms have AC.

Blue Nile. Boat opposite the Hilton Nile mall on one of those big ships you see.the view was great. Get a table near the window
to see the action on the Nile and Cairo during the busy Saturday lunch hours.

Fish Boat Abou Zeid. Basically it is a buffet lunch. The restaurant is a stationary boat. The best thing about this restaurant is that it has a very nice view of the Nile.

Carlton, Hotel, 21 Sharia 26th of July, Cairo. +20 3 275 5022 It has most certainly seen better days. Its rooftop terrace restaurant was one of the most attractive in downtown Cairo. Excellent rooftop bar.


El Mundo, Cairo the first of the Nile Lily Floating Restaurant series. Not to be confused with the Nile Lily boat on Giza’s El-Bahr El-Aazam Street,which is used for special events, El Mundo is located on a newly opened Nile Lily boat moored along Manial’s Corniche toward the north tip of the island. You will be mesmerized by the view of the Nile flowing past the Cairo cityscape, a scene that can be enjoyed from almost every table indoors or from the outside seating area.

Citadel View, Al-Azhar Park, Cairo. +20 2 2510 9151 Very beautiful terraces. 12 noon-12 midnight. $ See the whole city sprawled below.

Sky Lounge, Nile Lily Floating Restaurants, 70 Abdel Aziz Al Saoud Street, Manial, Cairo. Area: Manial floating at Gezira.

Tutankhamun Restaurant, Cairo A rooftop bistro with a Nile view, south of the ferry landing.

Senmut B and B Ramieh, Rooftop restaurant overlooks river.

Delta Pyramids Hotel, King Faisal Road, Cairo. With basic facilities and an imposing high rise facade, this is not the most beautiful place to stay. But its reasonable rates and views of the pyramids from the rooftop patio make it popular with those on a smaller budget.

Hotel Osiris, 49 Sharia Nubar, Downtown, Cairo. +20 2 2794 5728 Views across city Top floor Breakfast on the roof

Sofitel El Gezirah floating bar on Nile Sharia al-Orman, Gezira, Cairo. +20 2 2737 3737

Tamarai, Nile City Towers, 2005C Corniche-el-Nil, Cairo.

Carlo's Pizza
Chateau (Le)
River Boat

My Egypt, El Tod, +20 95 206 0787 Rooftop Restaurant. Luxor?

The Nile Valley


West Bank

Happy Habou Restaurant, Medinet Habu, West Bank, Luxor. 0100 112 8165 A nice garden and terrace with a beatiful view on the mountains of Thebes and Ramses III temple (Madinet Habu Temple).

El-Gezira Hotel, Bayrate al-Gezira, Luxor. +20 95 231 0034 Rooftop West Bank, rooftop terrace restaurant and beer. Nile view. email

Rooftop Restaurant, Al-Gezirah Hotel, Luxor.+20 95 231 0034 Great views over Nile

Tutankhamun Restaurant, Bayarat al-gezira, West Bank, Luxor. +20 95 231 0118 Nile side restaurant. Just South of local ferry dock South bank. The view is gorgeous too. Al Gezira district.

Nile Valley Hotel, Gesirat El Bairat, El Bairat El Gezira, Luxor, Egypt. +20 95 2311 477 Has a superb rooftop restaurant where the views are astounding including Luxor Temple lit up, 8am-11pm. Rooftop Restaurant, Nile Valley Hotel, Al-Gezira 8am-11pm Great waterfront views.

El-Mesala Hotel, Luxor. +20 95 231 5105 Rooftop view of Nile and Luxor Temple. Stunning views of the ancient Luxor Temple and peaceful Nile waters. From the Ferry, turn left and walk along the riverside path for about 500 yards, and you'll be in front of El Mesala. email

Maratonga Cafeteria, Kom Lolah, West Bank. Luxor.+20 95 231 0233 6am-11pm. Superb view of Medinat Habu. West Bank.

East Bank

Metropolitan Café and Restaurant, Nile Shopping Centre, Corniche el Nil, Luxor. Right on the Nile. East Bank.

Metropolitan Cafe and Restaurant, Nile Shopping Centre, Corniche el-Nil, Luxor. +20 95 2369 995 Right on Nile river. Below Luxor Temple. Like Kebabagy, it has a view across the Nile and breezes from the river.

Susanna Hotel, 52 Sharia Maabad al-Karnak, rooftop terrace restaurant Temple and Nile views.

New Pola Hotel, Sharia Khalid ibn al-Walid, Luxor.+20 95 236 5081 Great views. Rooftop pool.

Emilio Hotel, Youssef Hassan Street, Luxor. +20 95 3735 70 Rooftop terrace. As Souri, Corniche el Nil, Luxor. Riverside.

As-Sahaby Lane, Sharia as-Sahaby off Shareia as-Souq, Luxor.9am-11.30pm. +20 95 236 5509 Great views of waterfront and mountains.

Cocktail Sunset Bar, Corniche el Nil, Luxor. +20 95 238 0524 Fine river views. On pontoon. Opposite Luxor Museum.

Kebabagy, Nile Shopping Centre, Luxor. Terrace at river.

Terrace and Cafe, Sofra, Sharia Mohammed Farid, Luxor.+20 95 235 9752 Enjoy a sheesha on the rooftop terrace. Egyptian ethos.

Nile Terrace Cafe and Bar, Winter Palace Hotel, Corniche el Nil, Luxor.

Salah ed-Din, Corniche el-Nil, Luxor. +20 95 233 2093 $ Floating. Deck with excellent view.

El Nakhil, Luxor. A great rooftop restaurant.

Anubis, Corniche el Nil, Luxor. Next to Museum of Mummification. Riverside.

Marbaba, Sharia Karnak, Luxor. Above tourist bazaar, Rooftop restaurant view of the Nile and Luxor Temple.

Le Lotus, Iberotel Luxor Hotel, Sharia Khalid ibn al-Walid, Luxor. +20 95 2380 925 Overlooks the Nile. Chinese. Japanese.

Cote Jardin, Iberotel Luxor Hotel, Sharia Khalid ibn al-Walid, Luxor. +20 95 2380 925 Amazing view of the Nile and hills. French.

Ali Baba, Luxor. Small rooftop cafe overlooking the Temple of Luxor.

Nefertiti Hotel Rooftop, El Sahabi Street, via Karnak temple, Luxor, Egypt.+20 95 237 2386 Rooftop terrace with panoramic mountain and river views.

Floodlit Thebes and the Nile.

Sofra Rooftop Terrace Cafe, 90 Sharia Mohammed Farid, Luxor.+20 95 235 9752 11am-12midnight. East Bank.

Nile Bar and Lounge, Steigenburger Hotel, Khaled Ben El Walid Street, Luxor 85111. +20 95 236 6999 Unforgettable views of the river.

St Joseph Hotel, 238 1707 Sharia Khaled ibn al-Walid, Luxor.rooftop bar

Sherezade Terrace, $$$ Martim Jolie Ville Kings Island, Luxor. +20 95 237 4855 Beautiful terrace in resort on its own private island and overlooking the Nile. email


The Terrace, Basma Hotel, in Front Of The Nubian Museum, Aswan, Egypt. +20 97 231 0901 A perfect intermediate hotel to have a splendid lunch on road from Aswan to Luxor. Open-air terrace located on the roof of the hotel gives staggering views of the Nile and the city below.

Aswan Moon, Corniche en Nil, Felucca Quay, Aswan. +20 97 231 6108 Riverside Floating.X Glorious setting.

Aswan Panorama, Corniche en Nil, Aswan. +20 97 2306 169. Riverside, floating.

Emy, 15 Corniche-en-Nil, Aswan. +20 97 230 4349 In center of town. Riverside Floating. Spectacular view.

Nubian House, Aswan. Up from Basma Hotel. +20 97 236 6226. Amazing views.

Nubian Restaurant, Essa or Issa Island, +20 97 230 2465. On west bank with background dunes.

Salah el Din, Corniche en Nil, Aswan. Riverside Floating. +20 97 231 0361 12 noon-late. Best of Nileside boats. $$ AC dining room.

Mona Lisa, Corniche en Nil, Aswan. Riverside view of Elephantine Island.

Terrace Bar and Restaurant, Old Cataract Hotel, Aswan. Overlooking the Nile.

Bita Pizza, Midan al-Mahatta Square Aswan. View from upstairs.

Nice view, Spacious, Floating restaurant with Nile view. Good local food. This place is quite popular with tourists. Have dinner here and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the river Nile at the same time.

Old Cataract Hotel, Aswan.

New Cataract Hotel, Aswan.

Ile Amoun, Amoun Island, +20 97 231 3800.

Panorama, Corniche an-Nile, Aswan. +20 97 231 6169 Nileside terrace.

Sunset, Sharia Abtal at-Tahrir, Nasr City. $$ 9am-3am. Spectacular sunset views over First Cataract. 12 166 1480

Golden Pharoah, Corniche el-Nil, 9am-late +20 97 231 0361 /010 229 2910 AC dining room. Large terrace overlooks the Nile.

Lake Nasser

Abu Simmel

Set First, Abu Simbel, +20 2 2736 9820 Magnificent lake views.

Eskaleh, Beit an-Nubi, 0122 368 0521 roof terrace?

Alexandria and Coast

Paradise Inn, Windsor Palace Hotel, Has one of the most wonderful views from their roof terrace cafe and restaurant. They have a prime location by the Corniche.

Le Jardin, Atop Sofitel Cecil Alexandria, 16 Saad Zagloul Square, Raml Station, Alexandria 1726, Egypt. +20 3 487 7173 Rooftop restaurant with stunning Western Harbor view. Lunch and Dinner. Le Jardin has full-length windows overlooking the sea. Lunch and Dinner. email

China House, 16 Midan Saad Zagloul, Alexandria. Lunch and dinner. see Sofitel Cecil

Bleu Bar, Four Seasons San Stefano, Alexandria. +20 3 581 8000 Al fresco tapas bar. Eat looking out at the infinite Mediterranean. Terrace.

Sheraton Montazah, Alexandria.Terrace sea view.

Fish Market Restaurant, Sharia 26th July, Anfushi, Alexandria.+20 3 480 5119 above Tikka Grill. It has a magnificent view over the brilliant blue sea and reminds of Sausalito, looking out over the San Francisco Bay, or of Sydney, Australia.

Tikka Grill, under FM. +20 3 547 4338

Zephyrion, Abu Qir, On the beach.

Greek Club, Club Nautique Hellenique, Corniche, Anfushi, Alexandria.. +20 3 480 2690 12 noon-11pm. Sharia Qasr Quatbey Anfushi. Overlooking Eastern Harbour.

Greek Club, 63 Iskadar El Akbar, Shatby, Alexandria.

Kadoura, Sharia 26th July, Alexandria.

Classique, 60 Sharia 26th July, Alexandria. Patisserie.

San Giovani Stanly (sic) Restaurant, /Hotel, 205 El Ghiesh Road, Stanley, Alexandria. +20 3 546 7774 Windows lead to views of the stunning blue sea and Stanley Bridge. email

Trianon Cafe, Metropole Hotel, Alexandria. Outdoor seating.

Spitfire Bar, 7 Sharia L'Ancienne Bourse, Alexandria.2pm-1.30am On a great harbour.

Selsela Cafe, Chatby Beach, Alexandria.On the water small curving beach outside Alexandria

El-Sheikh Wafik. Qasr Ras at-Tin, Alexandria. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Marsa Matruh, (Alexandria)

Carol's Beau Rivage, $$$

Red Sea Coast

Port Said

Kastan, El-Corniche St, Port Said. +20 66 322 2605 / +20 66 322 2607 On the beach. email

Maxim, Sharia Palestine, corner El Corniche and Gumhorriya, Port Said. +20 65 23 4335 Splendid Suez Canal view.

El Borg, Tarh El Bahr St, Beach Plaza Complex, Port Said, Egypt. Beachfront. 12 noon-12 midnight. Great food.

Canal Cruise, Dinner cruise, Port Said Port, Gate No 1. +20 66 334 5222 Cruises Times: 5pm, 7pm & 10pm. Cruise the Suez Canal aboard for one hour and a half. Run from Grand Albatros Hotel.

Noras Floating Restaurant, Palestine St, Port Said. +20 66 332 6804 Lunch and dinner sailings 3pm, 8.30pm. Operates from Sharia Filistine in front of the National Museum. You dine while cruising the Canal.

Sharm el-Sheikh and Naama Bay

Abu el Sid, On roof of Hard Rock Cafe.

Al-Fanar, Ras Um Sid, +20 69 366 2218 Beach and lighthouse, In tent, fantastic, on beach. $$ Seafront vistas. 10am-10.30pm.

Grand Rotana Resort & Spa, Grand Rotana Resort And Spa, Nightlife. Sky bar on the rooftop.

Tam Tam, Hotel Gazala, +20 69 360 0155 Rooftop seating great.



Mubarak Ritz Carlton Resort, Ras Umm Sid, Om El Seed, Post Office Box 72, Sharm El Sheikh.

Sofitel Coralia

Camel Roof Bar, Camel Hotel, King of Bahrain St, Na'ama Bay. 3pm-2.30am.?

Kokai, Hotel Gazala,

Da Franco, Hotel Gazala,

lots of beachside hotel restaurants.

Hilton Italian Restaurant on beach.

Na'ama Bay, Egypt

Camel Roof Bar, Camel Hotel, King of Bahrain St, 3pm-2.30am. Rooftop bar which is very chilled.

Tam Tam, Naama Bay, On the promenade waterfront restaurant.

Sal Thai, Hyatt Regency Sharm el Sheikh. Overlooking the sea.

La Folie Bar, Iberotel Lido, Naama Bay. On the water and overlooking the bay.


Red Sea I, Hospital St, Ed-Dahar, Hurgata. +20 65 354 9630 Rooftop Terrace.

Juke Box Pub, Corniche, Ed-Dahar, Hurgata. Rooftop drinks with good views.

Felfela's, Sharia Sheraton, Sheraton Rd, Sigala, Sekala, Hurgata. +20 65 3442 410 Great harbour view. Clings to cliff with stunning views of Griffin Island.

Liquid Lounge, Sigala, Hurgata. Riverside.

Restaurant Marianne, Al Quseir Sharia Port Said, Al Quseir, Hurgata. +20 65 3334 386 Seating right on the waterfront.


Yalla Bar, Light House Area, Masbat, Dahab, Egypt Waterfront bar-restaurant. Waterfront bar-restaurant Terrazzina.

Funny Mummy, Roof terrace restaurant in front of Sphinx Hotel Mashraba, Dahab. Seafront.

Nesima Restaurant, Al-Mashraba, Dahab. Rooftop bar.

Dolphin Cafe, Dahab. Beach side.

Lakhbatita, Mashraba beachfront

Lazy Camel Cafe, in front of Skeikh Salem House, Assalah Dahab. +20 69 3641 820 On the beach.

Rooftop Bar, Red Sea Relax, Masbat. +20 69 364 1309

Blue House, Masbat, Thai. Upstairs terrace.

Ali Baba, Masbat,

Fighting Kangaroo, Masbat, Waterfront.

Nirvana, Masbat, Beach.

Tree Bar, Masbat, 10pm-late. Beachfront late nite.


Restaurant Marianne, Sharia Port Said. 333 4386 Beachside tables.

Siwa Oasis

Kenouz Siwa, Shali Lodge, Sharia Subukha, Siwa. Rooftop restaurant. +20 46 4601 299.

Kelany Hotel, Azmi Kilani 460 1052 Rooftop restaurant.


Bedouin Camp and El-Dohous Village, +20 7 85 00 480 Hilltop restaurant with magnificent views.

Nuweiba Sinai

Habiba Camp Buffet, Beachfront.

Blue Bus, River.

Helnan Restaurant La Sirena, Helnan Nuweiba Hotel, Relaxed beachside bar.

Blue Hilton Coral Resort, +20 62 3520 320 Overlooks beachside gardens.

Bedouin Beach Bar, Swizzcare Nu Resort Nu City, +20 69 3500 402 Beach bar closes at sunset when you move inside.

North of Nuweira

Sawa Camp, Mahash Area. 0111 322 7554 Perfect white beach restaurant.

Taba (Sinai)

El Mare, an a-la-carte Mediterranean-style restaurant located between the pool area and the beach with a sea view.

Taba Heights is a relatively new development of five luxury hotels situated along the Red Sea in the northeastern corner of the Sinai Peninsula, about 20 kilometers south of Taba. This ultramodern, self-sufficient resort community— home to four five-star resorts including the Hyatt Regency, InterContinental, Marriott and Sofitel—combines deluxe accommodations and dining experiences with a golf course, marina and a myriad of activities and relaxation options.


Red Sea Hotel, Suez. Restaurant overlooking the Suez Canal.

Assyut 375 S of Cairo

Happy Dolphin, Assyut. Floating.

Al Safa HOtel , Sharia al-Gomhuriyya, West Bank riverside terrace. snacks.

Partner Tut Hotel, Corniche an-Nil (Thawra) moored boat riverside terrace. beers.

Al-Watania Palace Hotel, Sharia al-Gomhuriyya , 228 7981 rooftop grill.


Mermaid Corniche, Floating.

King Akhenaten Hotel, Restaurantor upper fgloor? Rooftop. Corniche al-Nid

Dahabiyya Houseboat & Restaurant, Corniche el Nil. 236 3596 Old Nile sailing boat. Restaurant on upper deck.

Abu Qir

Zaphyrion, 41 Sharia Khaled Ibn al-Walid, Abu Qir, Egypt. Stunning bay view at the Battle of the Nile Bay. Sitting right on the beach.

Al Arish

Maxim, On the beach Off Sharia Fouad Zakry, Al Arish. Summer only. Right on beach.


Zd al- Mosafer, Tunis, Lake Qarun, Fayoum. +20 84 682 0180 Lakeside.

Kom Ombo

Venus Cafeteria & Restaurant close to temple of Kom Ombo. Nileside.

Ras el-Bahr

El-Salam, 6 44th St, Ras el-Bahr. +20 57 529 156