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Munich München

Restaurant 181 Revolving Restaurant, 7 Spiridon-Louis-Ring, Munich München, Bavaria Bayern 80809. +49 89 3066 8585. Viewing point and Revolving Restaurant. A restaurant at a height of 182 m providing a stunning view. Olympic Park (from the 1972 Munich Olympics) is a treat to visit. It is a huge park and recreational area where you can enjoy rollerblading, walkways, a bike track and a lake. You can also visit the lookout platform and revolving restaurant underneath.

Paulaner Metropolitan, 22 Marienplatz, Innenstadt, München, Bayern 80331. +49 89 230 9770. A glass lift takes customers from Marienplatz to this modern Metropolitan restaurant. A fantastic view of the city. Mon to Sun 9am-1am.

Seehaus München Bavaria  Dining View


Seehaus im Englischen Garten (Lake House), 3 Kleinhesselohe, Munich, Bayern 80802. +49 89 381 6130. Situated on the banks of Kleinhesseloher Lake (Kleinhesselohe See) in the middle of the English Garden. Seehaus is one of the best beer gardens in the world.

Forsthaus Ilkahöhe, Fathi Ben-Yedder, Tutzing, Munich, Bayern 82327. +49 81 58 8242. There are beautiful views from the beer garden of Lake Starnberger and the Alps (weather permitting).

Restaurant Vue Maximilian, Hotel Vierjahreszeiten, 17 Maximilianstrasse, Kempinski, Munich 80539. +49 892 1250. Panoramic views. The restaurant has a beautiful view of Munich's most splendid boulevard.

Rabenwirt, 1 Kirchplatz, München, Munich, Bayern 82041. +49 89 793 0285. The sun terrace has a wonderful view over the Isartal.

Schlosscafé Palmenhaus, Schloss Nymphenburg, Munich, München, Bayern 80638. +49 89 17 5309. Situated in the leafy park surrounding Schloss Nymphenburg,

Canal Grande Romantic, 51 Ferdinand-Maria-Strasse, Nymphenburg, München, Bayern 80639. +49 89 17 4565. By the canal. Nearby Trams: Kriemhildenstrasse: Tram 16; Hubertusstrasse: Tram 12.

Dachgarten, Garden Restaurant, Hotel Bayerischer Hof Munich, 2-6 Promenadeplatz, Munich 80333. +49 89 21 20 0. Large terrace at the Blue Spa barbecue. One of Munich's most exclusive hotels hogs an exquisite view over the city from its top-floor lounge and bar centre. You can get a full panorama of the city; the view of the historic Frauenkirche is particularly impressive.

Cafe Glockenspiel, 5th floor, 28 Marienplatz, Munich. +49 89 26 42 56. Superb location overlooking the square. Rooftop terrace.

The Brewery and Restaurant at Andechs near Herrsching near Munich is one of the treats for travelers. During the summer, a rooftop outside terrace allows friends to drink, eat and view the surroundings. Inside is also a great place to enjoy. As it fills, more and more people will join you at your table and it becomes very friendly and cosmopolitan.

Bräustüberl Weihenstephan, 1 Weihenstephaner Strasse, Freising, Bayern 85354. +49 81 611 3004. Beer garden offers a great view of the mountains north of Munich.

Klostergasthof Andechs, 9 Bergstrasse, Starnberg, Munich, Bayern 82346. +49 81 529 3090. Heavenly views.

Frankfurt am Main

Main Tower Restaurant and Bar, 53rd floor, Mainturm, 52-58 Neue Mainzer Strasse, Frankfurt am Main 60311. Main Tower is a Frankfurt landmark. Eight meter high glass windows. p

Window 25 Restaurant, 25th floor, Japan Centre, 2-4 Taunustor, Hesse, Frankfurt am Main. +49 69 9139 6147.

Twenty-One Restaurant, 21st floor of the Town Hall, 1 Willy-Brandt Platz, Kaiserslautern. 100 kms from Frankfurt. Bistro/bar with panoramic view.

Long Island Summer Lounge, 2-8 Meisengassa, Innenstadt 60313. +49 69 9039 6147.

Golfhaus Frankfurt Dining View


Golfhaus, Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade, Bad Homburg, Frankfurt am Main 61348. +49 61 7218 2903 - 04. 11am-3pm. 6pm-10pm (Kitchen service). email

Sansibar Roof Garden, 190 Hanauer Landstrasse, Uniongelande, Frankfurt am Main 60314. +49 172 666 1591.

Borussia, 31 Mainwasenweg, Frankfurt 60599. +49 6965 1185. Mon to Fri 11.30am-3pm. 5pm-11pm. Sat 6pm-11pm. Sun 11am-11pm. River bank. Bus: Line 46, Stop: Rudererdorf.

Schöne Aussicht, 24 Im Sperber, Bergen-Enkheim, Frankfurt am Main 60388. +49 61 09 5047-0. Awesome skyline view.


The Rheinturm Tower, Düsseldorf is a 240 metre high concrete telecommunication tower in Düsseldorf, capital city of the federal state (Bundesland) of North Rhine-Westphalia. The revolving restaurant is at a height of 170 metres.

Best Western Hotel Savoy. Two kilometers from the Rheinturm this tower with a rotating restaurant overlooks the city from 180 meters in height.

Brand's Jupp, 49 Kalkstrasse, Dusseldorf, NRW 40489. +49 211 40 4040. Beer garden with a view of the Rhein. As soon as the first signs of spring arrive locals head out of the city to this traditional beer garden, a leafy oasis with stunning views of the River Rhine.

Rheinterrasse, 33 Joseph-Beuys-Ufer, Dusseldorf 40479. +49 211 49 7770. The Rheinterrasse Biergarten offers open air and a beautiful view of the Rhine.

Menuett, Steigenberger Park Hotel, 1a Königsallee, Dusseldorf, Germany 40212. Map +49 211 1 3810 Fabulous view from the summer terrace. email


Ristorante Rossini, 5 An der Frauenkirche, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 864 2855.

Grand Café Coselpalais, 12a An der Frauenkirche, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 496 2444.

Pulverturm, 12 An der Frauenkirche, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 26 2600.

Chiaveri, 1 Bernhard-von-Lindenau-Platz, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 496 0399.

Yenidze Restaurant, 3 Weisseritzstrasse, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 490 5990. The Mosque on the River Elbe.

Kleppereck, 10 Münzgasse, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 469 5123.

Kahnaletto River  Dining View


Kahnaletto, Terrassenufer Augustusbrücke, Dresden, Germany 01067. +49 351 495 3037 Located on the same ship as the Theaterkahn. Italian. Mon 12 noon-3pm. 6pm-12 midnight. Tues to Sun 12 noon-3pm. 6pm-1am. Ships Bar Tues to Sun 6pm-1am

Cafe Schinkelwache, 1 Theaterplatz, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. Fine views.

Ristorante Bellotto, 3 Theaterplatz, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 49 8160. email

Italienisches Dorfchen, 3 Theaterplatz, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 498 1629 Overlooking the Elbe.

Ppiccolo, (sic) 3 Theaterplatz, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 498 1640 Riverside Balcony. Listen to the waves lap on the river and enjoy a glass of wine and a bite to eat.

Segafredo Espresso, 3 Taschenberg, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 496 0029.

Art'otel Bar, 33 Ostra-Allee, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 4 9220. (Hotel)

Peanuts Bar, Brühlsche Terrasse, Dresden, Sachsen 01067. +49 351 864 2838.

Café Börse, 8a Prager Strasse, Dresden, Sachsen 01069. +49 351 490 6411.

Le Buffet Restaurant, Karstadt Restaurant Cafe, Floor 5, Karstadt Dresden, 12 Prager Strasse, Dresden 01069. +49 351 8610.

Eiscafé Venezia, 2a Hauptstrasse, Dresden, Sachsen 01097. +49 351 804 5458.

Drachen, 72 Bautzner Strasse, Radeberger, Dresden 01099. +49 351 804 1188 Fine Elbe views.

Planwirtschaft, 20 Louisenstrauss, Dresden 01099. +49 351 801 31 87

Wirtshaus Lindenschänke, 1 Altmickten, Dresden 01139. +49 351 859 95 77

Lindenschänke, 1 Altmickten, Dresden, Sachsen 01139. +49 351 859 9578.

Ballhaus & Brauhaus Watzk, 1 Kötzschenbroder Strasse, Sachsen, Dresden 01139. +49 351 85 2920. View up Elbe. Mickten. email

Carolaschlössche, 7 Querallee, Dresden, Sachsen 01219. +49 351 472 7374. Restaurant in the park.

Cafe Toscana, 11 Schillerplatz, Dresden, Saxony, Germany 01309. +49 3513 0744. Next to Blue Wonder Bridge.

Schillergarten, 9 Schillerplatz, Blazewitz, Dresden 01309. +49 351 81 1990 On river. Dresden's biggest beer garden.

Luisenho, 8 Bergbahnstrasse, Dresden, Sachsen 01324. +49 351 214 9960. Breathtaking views.

Wachbergschänke, 84 Wachwitzgrund, Dresden, Sachsen 01326. +49 351 264 0014.

Golf restaurant Ullersdorf, 1 Am Golfplatz, Ullersdorf, Sachsen 01454. +49 352 844 7346.


Wallberg  Dining View


Restaurant Wallberg, Huyssenallee 53, Essen, Germany 45128. In the Philharmonie Essen. +49 201 8122 8610 Map


Restaurant Die Burgfreigei, Schloss Heidelberg. 52 Neue Schlossstrasse, 69117 Heidelberg +49 6221 180 027  Great view from the top of the hill.



The Heidelberg Suites Patria, 12 Neuenheimer Landstrasse, Heidelberg 69120. +49 6221 655 650. This is a completely modernized historic ship from the 1930s. Dinner Tues till Sat 6pm-11pm. Lunch (on request) Tues till Sun 12 noon-2pm. Brunch Sun 10am-2pm. Travelling times Tues till Sat 8pm-9pm. Sunday 10.30am-12 noon. You will be warmly welcomed on board at 6pm.

Heidelberg Suites Hotel Restaurant, 12 Neuenheimer Landstrasse, Heidelberg 69120. +49 6221 655 650

The Cafe Restaurant. On the banks of the Neckar River in Heidelberg. boat?

Treffpunkt, Neckarmünzgasse 6, Heidelberg 69117. Close to the river, with a great view of the high hills on the far side. Daily 11am-12 midnight


Kleines Schloss, 9 Park Babelsberg, Potsdam 14482. +49 33 170 5156. Lakeside.

Seerose Potsdam , 24 Breite Strasse, Potsdam 14467. 33 1 201 4708 Havel bank, good views. Wed to Fri from 5.30pm. Sat, Sun or PH from 12noon.

Ristorante il Teatro Gaststätten, 12 Schiffbauergasse, Potsdam 14467. +49 33 1 2009 7291.

Restaurant Schloss Glienicke Remise, 36 Königstrasse,  Berlin 14109. +49 33 1 969 4200.  Right beside the bridge where the first spy exchange took place during the cold war in 1962. U2 pilot and U.S. Air Force sergeant Gary Powers was the very first to be exchanged for Rudolf Abel.

Strandhaus Beach Dining View

Strandhaus del Sole

Strandhaus del Sole, Strandbad Caputh GbR, 1 Weg zum Strandbad, Caputh 14548. +49 33 209 8 0851. A little South West of Potsdam.



Seebar al Faro, Strandbad Caputh GbR, 1 Weg zum Strandbad, Caputh 14548. +49 33 209 8 0851. email


Le Ciel, Berchtesgaden, 1 Hintereck, Berchtesgaden, 83471.

Panorama Restaurant 3'60, (sic) InterContinental, 1 Hintereck, Berchtesgaden, 83471. Ulrich Heiman's modern cuisine is served in the simple elegance of the restaurant or on the lovely terrace with its fantastic view.


Pieter van Amstel Mainz  Dining View

Pieter van Amstel

Pieter van Amstel, 3-Mast-Schiff am Rhein, 1 Uferstrasse, An der Theodor-Huess-Brucke, Mainz-Kastel, 55252. On ship. Great location.


Kunstmuseum Restaurant. A good view of the city can be found on the top-floor restaurant of the Kunstmuseum. Art Gallery.

Skybeach Stuttgart city view

Sky Beach

The Sky Beach Stuttgart, one of the Top Stuttgart restaurants. Invites you to an incredible chillout over the roofs of the city.


Panorama Tower, 9 Augustusplatz, Leipzig 04109. +49 341 710 0590. Sky High Dining. If you have grown tired of the usual dining experiences, check out the elegant bar/restaurant/lounge at Panorama Tower. At 120 meters (nearly 400 feet) above Leipzig the highest eatery in all of central Germany.

Falco Restaurant and Bar, 27th floor, The Westin Leipzig, 15 Gerberstrasse, Leipzig 04105. +49 341 988 2727. A contemporary and elegantly designed hotel on the 27th floor with a fantastic view over Leipzig. Restaurant: Tues to Sat 7pm-11pm. Bar opens 6pm.


Skyline Revolving Restaurant, 2 Hans-Reschke-Ufer, Mannheim 68165. 204.8 meter high concrete telecommunication tower with an observation deck in Mannheim. This modern landmark of Mannheim has a glassed observation deck and a revolving restaurant at a height of 120 meters allows a nice view over Mannheim and the surrounding area. Dreh-Restaurant. email

bootshaus café/restaurant, Kul Gastro, 3 Hans-Reschke-Ufer, Mannheim 68165. +49 621 324 7767 Best steak in town and has a great view onto one of the canals of Mannheim. Sun 9.30am-10pm. Mon to Fri 11.30am-1am. Sat 9.30am-1am.

Nuremberg / Nürnberg

Restaurant Burgwächter, 10 Am Ölberg, Nuremberg, Bayern 90403. +49 911 22 2126.

Restaurant Setos, 1515 Europa-Allee 1, Fürth, Nuremberg 90763. +49 911 9779 1515.

Bar Celona Finca, 4 Vordere Insel Schutt, Nürnberg 90403. +49 911 237 3 9144. Overlooking the river.

Kettensteg, 35 Maxplatz, Nuremberg 90403. Offers diners beautiful views of the Pegnitz River.

Pele-Mele, 17 Grossweidenmuhistrasse, Nuremberg. Riverside.

Cologne / Köln

La Vision, Hotel im Wasserturm, 2 Kaygasse, Wasserturm, Köln 50676. +49 221 200 80. Elegant restaurant atop the historical water tower. Enjoy creative, classic cuisine with a fantastic view. There is also a fabulous panoramic roof terrace. 35km.

Alt Merheim, 684 Neusser Strasse, Cologne 50737. +49 221 169 8400,

Rhine Terrace, 1 Rheinparkweg, Köln, NRW 50679.Beer garden on the Rhine.

Zum Treppchen, 15 Kirchstrasse, NRW 50996. +49 221 39 2179. Offers stunning views of the Rhine River from the beautiful patio as you dine.

Lerbach  Park Dining View


Schlosshotel Lerbach, Lerbacher Weg D, Bergisch Gladbach Weg, Koln 51465. East of Cologne. An elegant restaurant with a lovely view of the countryside. The attentive and professional staff will spoil you with excellent classic cuisine. Their traditional Sunday Champagne Lunch from 11 am all year.

Cafe Reichard, 11 Unter Fettenhennen. River Dom views.

Im Martinswinkel, 9 Fishmarkt. Riverfront restaurant.


Weisshaus, 1 Weisshaus, Trier. Wonderful view of river.

En de Lauben, 77 Zuirlaubener Ufer, Trier. Overlooks river.

Bagatelle, 78 Zurlaubener Ufer, Trier. Overlooks river.

Pfeffermuhle, 78 Zurlaubener Ufer, Trier. +49 651 2 6133. Clos Sun. Overlooks river.

Hong-Kong-Haus, 2 Geor-Schmitt-Platz, Trier.


Turmrestaurant, Florianturm, Dortmund. The tower was constructed similarly to a high concrete chimney. It consists of a reinforced concrete tube, which tapers off as it rises, reaching a height of 129.75 metres. At 137.54 metres there is a revolving restaurant.

Freiburg im Breisgau

Schlossbergrestaurant Dattler, 1 Am Schlossberg, Superb view.


Cafehaus Terrasse Taubertalblick, 18 Untere Schmiedgasse, Lovely valley.


Nikolaushof Restaurant, Würzburg. The Nikolaushof is on top of the hill overlooking the River Main and Würzburg so you will have a great view if you make sure to book a table that is not too far back.

Schutzenhof Gutsschanke, 48 Mainleitenweg, Würzburg. Beautiful river views.

Brukenback, 2 Zeller Strasse, Würzburg. Wonderful riverside location.

Frankenweins, Würzburg Q


Revolving restaurant:

Water Tower Belvedere, (Wasserturm Belvedere), 5 Belvedereallee, Aachen. On the Lousberg hill, Aachen, Germany. The water tower accommodates a revolving restaurant, which reopened in 2005 after being closed for several years. The restaurant revolves once every 56 minutes.


Baden Baden

Noah Restaurant/Cafe/Bar, 28 Hohnsen, Hildesheim 31134. +49 51 2169 1530. On Lake Hohnsen, Baden Baden. You have a great view over the lake. In summer time you can sit outside. May to Oct: Mon to Sat from 9am, Sun from 10am (hot meals from 11.30am till 10.30pm) Nov to April: Mon to Fri from 9.30am, Sat from 9am, Sun from 10am (hot food from 11.30am till 10pm). email

Hotel-rebenhof Baden Dining View


Hotel-rebenhof, 58 Weinstrasse, Neuweier, Baden-Baden 76534. +49 72 239 6310. From Baden-Baden about 20 min by car. Wonderful Land Baden-Württemberg restaurant. With Panoramablick across to neighboring Alsace. email

Schlossrestaurant, Schlosshotel Buehlerhoehe, Baden-Baden / Buehl, Germany.


Spezial-Keller, 47 Oberer Stephensberg, Bamberg. Fine distant city view.

Wurtzburger Weinstuben, 4 Habergasse, Bamberg. Evenings only. Closed Sundays. River views.

Klosterbrau, 3 Obere Muhlbrucke, Bamberg. Riverside.

Greifenklau, 20 Laurenplatz, Bamberg. Up to the mountains view.

Weinschanke Ruckel, Bamberg.



Leonhard, 2 Leonhardstrasse, Braunschweig. Alongside River Oker.


Restaurant Seeburg, 2 Dustenbrooker Weg, Seeburg, Buxtehude. View over fiord, Cuxhavener Strasse.


The Schwarzwaldstube, Hotel Traube Tonbach, Baiersbronn, near Freudenstadt. In the Black Forest. It is probably a 2 1/2 hour drive from Colmar. Located on the slope of a picturesque valley, the restaurant has great views of the Black Forest landscape.


Ristorante Amalfi, 2 Karlsberg, Dachau 85222. Country views.


Hotel Restaurant Merkelbach, 87 Emser Strasse, Koblenz, Rheinland 56076. Comfortable hotel the bank of the river Rhine. Enjoy the beautiful view over the Rhine from the restaurant.

Winninger Weinstube, 4 Rheinzollstrasse, Koblenz. Overlooking the Rhine.


Brauberger, 36 Alfstrasse, Lübeck. Evenings only. Closed Sunday.

Weintreff von Melle, Holstentorrpassage, 20 Holstenstrasse, Lübeck.

Bootshaus Marli Café, Lübeck. +49 451 6 6110. With a grand view.

Wakenitzrestaurant, Lübecker Yacht Club Restaurant, 16 Schäferstraße, 23564 Lübeck, Germany. +49 451 603 634 Closed Monday. 11.30am-10pm.


Kruse Baimken, 52 Am Staatgraben, Münster. North bank of the Aasee.


Cafe Lucas Bavaria. This cafe, which is also a hotel, in the very centre of town. Has a lovely terrace right above the river Pegnitz. Try to grab one of the few secluded outdoor tables in the back.


O'Lac Konstanz Balkon  Dining View


Restaurant-Balkon, O'Lac, 21 Seestrasse, Konstanz, Germany 7531. Panoramic. Summer. Same food as the indoor restaurant.

Hafenhalle Konstanz  Dining View


Hafenhalle, 10 Hafenstrasse, Konstanz 78462. Lakeside. Mon to Fri 5pm-1am. Sat & Sun 10am-1am. Right on the lake and marina.


Neckermuller Tubinger  Dining View


Neckermuller, 4 Gartenstrasse, Tübingen 72074. +49 70 712 7848. River views. email


Hagen's Auberge, 54 Badstrasse, Regensburg. Fine river location. Dinner only. Closed Sun. Upmarket restaurant commanding a fine view across the Danube to the Altstadt.

Café Salzstadel, 1 Weisse-Lamm-Gasse, Regensburg, Germany 93047. +49 941 56 5746. Waterfront. Offers great views onto the Donau river and the lovely medieval town of Regensburg! Located inside the Steinbrucke (the oldest bridge in Germany).

David im Goliathhaus, 5 Watmark, Regensburg. Wonderful location at the top of one of the city's great tower houses; it also has a roof terrace. Evenings only, closed Sun & Mon.

Swabasch Hall

Cafe Ableitner, 5-7 Bahnhofstrasse, For a great riverside view, check out Cafe Ableitner. The patio overlooks the River Kocher.


Cafe Arco-Schlossen, (Terrassen Cafe Ried), 18 Arcostrasse, Neuberg 86633, Bayern. 8431/7055. Commands a wonderful view of the town from high up on a hill across the river. Location 1 km east of the centre.


Hagenbrau, 3 Am Rhein, Worms. Directly overlooking the Rhine.

Kolbs Beirgarten, 1 Am Rhein, Worms. +49 6241 2 4367. Next door.


Le Petit, 7 Am Stintmarkt, Luneburg. Waterfront.


Frederick's, 2 Freidrichstrasse, Schwerin. Edge of Plaffenteich Lake in a beautiful lake district.

Wallenstein Schwerin  Dining View


Wallenstein, 140 Werderstrasse, Schwerin 19055. +49 38 5 557 7755. Lakeside. Beside the jetty.


Fisherklause, 123 Am Strom, Warnemünde 18119. +49 38 15 2516. By the harbour. Quayside.

Goldener Anker, 35 Strandstrasse, Hansestadt Rostock 18055. +49 38 1 492 2624. Terrace overlooking river.


EisCafe MATRIX, 8 - 9 Wasserstrasse, Stralsund 18439. Overlooks the harbour. Internet cafe.

Fischermann's, 3 An der Fährbrücke, Stralsund. +49 38 31 29 2322. Daily 10am to Close. Winter Nov/Dec. Tues to Sun 11am-10pm.

Frankfurt an der Oder


SS Wuerttemberg, 1 Heinrich-Heine-Platz, Magdeburg 39114. +49 39 1 562 8992. In the museum ship Schiffsmuseum Elbe. Evenings only. Closed Tuesdays. Seitenrad Scleppdampfer Württemberg.




Restaurant, Arcadia Hotel, 6-9 Norderhofenden, Flensburg 24937. Great dining view of the Flensburg Fjord and the guest Yacht harbour. Tues to Sat 6pm-10pm.




Noah Cafe Restaurant Bar, 28 Hohnsen, Hildesheim 31134. +49 51 2169 1530.


Kreutzlingen, Switzerland

Restaurant Seeburg, Seeburg Castle, Seeweg 8280, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. +41 71 688 4775. The Schloss Seeburg is located in the middle of the lakeside park of Kreuzlingen and has a stylish restaurant and dignified parlors for festive and romantic occasions. The large terrace offers a unique view on Lake Constance.

Drehrestaurant (Revolving) Hoher Kasten Restaurant, Hoher Kasten Mountain, Brülisau, Suisse 9058. Revolving restaurant upstairs and panoramic restaurant on the middle floor.

Mödling, Austria

Panorama Restaurant, Haus an der Weinstrasse, 50 Gumpoldskirchnerstrasse / am Eichkogel, Mödling 2340, Austria. +43 2236 2 4541. A unique hillside setting on the outskirts of the nature reserve Eichkogel and directly on the famous wine route leading from Mödling to Gumpoldskirchen. A wonderful view over the town of Mödling and Vienna.

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