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Fåfängan Dining View


Fåfängan Restaurant, 3 Klockestapelsbacken, Stockholm. +46 8642 9900. The Vanity Restaurant & Café. The Vanity’s arcade of cut lime-trees are a very characteristic part of Stockholm’s silhouette. It has a vantage-point on the hill near Danviken-as far east as you can come at Södermalm (southern part of the city) with a wonderful view out over Stockholm and it has been there since 1774.             

Trattorian Restaurant, 464 Norr Mälarstrand, Kajplats, Stockholm 11220. +46 8 505 244 50 On the Mälaren River. Mon to Sat 5pm-1am.

Malarpaviljongen, 54 Norr Malarstrand, Kungsholmen, Stockholm. +46 8 650 8701. Pavilion plus floating jetty. Mingle and enjoy the summer light off the water. April till September.

Malardrottingen, Riddadholmen, Stockholm 11128. +46 8 5451 8780. Famous moored yacht. $. Two minutes from the subway.

Festlokalen Sjömärket, (Banquet hall Sjömärket), Marinstadsvägen Mari City Road, 13137 Nacka. +46 73 764 80 99. +46 73 764 80 99. Floating and mobile restaurant. email

Cafe Panorama, 5th floor, Kulturhuset building, 3 Sergels Torg, Stockholm 11157. +46 8 21 1035. Watch the city pass by. During the summer months an open-air section is available. On Sergels torg (square). Tues to Fri 11am-8pm. Sat 11am-6pm. Sun 11am-5pm. Mon Closed.

Gondolen, 6 Stadsgarden, Stockholm. +46 8641 7090. Great view over the city with a panoramic view of Djurgården to the east and Riddarfjärden to the west. Eriks Gondolen is a restaurant and bar suspended between an office block and the Katarinahissen that conveys guests to their aerial destination. Because the bar is so narrow, with huge windows on either side, you really do feel as if you are in a Zeppelin’s gondola. Gondolen, on top of the elevator at the top of Katarinahissen. $. email

Spa Bar, 8th floor, Clarion Sign Hotel, 35 Östra Järnvägsgatan, Stockholm 10126. +46 8 676 98 50. Clarion Sign is the largest hotel in Stockholm, a stylish granite and glass affair. Super-stylish champagne bar (and there's a rooftop pool too).

Stallmästaregården Hotel and Restaurant, Norrtull, Stockholm, Sweden 11347. +46 8 610 1303. In countryside area just outside the city of Stockholm where you can dine with a view over Brunnsviken. Stallmä staregården Country house. Beautiful terrace views of bay. Events.


Hermans Stockholm, 23 Soder Fjallgatan, Stockholm. Up on the edge of a cliff with a fantastic view of the city and water. Mon to Sun 11am-9pm.

Oasis Restaurant, The Red Boat Mälaren, HI Hostel af Chapman, 6 Sö dermä larstrand kj, 11820. This is at Stockholm’s "classic" boat hostel. Even if you are not staying here you can take advantage of the hostel’s outdoor floating restaurant, Oasis, which provides an exceptional view out over the city.

The cafe at the Modern and Architecture Museum. This cafe is attached to the modern museum and the architecture museum (Moderna Museet and Arkitekturmuseet respectively). Fantastic view of Östermalm from the windows and the terrace.

Kronovalls Castle Restaurant, Kronovalls Castle lies in the verdant countryside of Österlen in eastern Skåne. Kronovalls has a fabulous restaurant. Ques

The Veranda, Grand Hotel, 8 Södra Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm 10327. +46 8 679 3586. Wide-angled veranda views overlooking Stockholm Bay and the royal palace located in Gamla Stan. Cadier Bar, Grand Hotel.

Cadier Bar, Grand Hotel, 8 Södra Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm 10327. +46 8 679 3585. Harbour palace views.

Lydmar Hotel, 2 Sodra Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm. +46 822 3160.

Atrium, National Museum, 4 Sodra Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm. +46 8611 3430.

Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren, 5 Sodra Blasieholmshamnen, Grand Hôtel, Stockholm. +46 103 2746. +46 8679-3584.

Pontus By The Sea, Skeppsbrokajen, 2 Tullhus, Stockholm. +468 20 20 95. Almost at the water's edge on the eastern edge of Gamla Stan, Pontus By The Sea is one of two outposts of one of Stockholm’s big-deal chefs. (Beautiful glossy-paper cookbook for sale in foyer.) Located in a rather drab-looking-from-the-street old customs house, the interior and the very large terrace overlooking the sea comes as a delightful surprise.

Melanders Skeppsbron, Skeppsbrokajen, +46 822 5755.

Mosebacke Etablissement, 3 Mosebacke Torg, Stockholm 11646. +46 8 5560 9890. Good views, good food.

Kungsträdgården. With a beautiful view of Kungsträdgården from one of the newly constructed glass pavilion Baretto restaurant tempts any viewseekers. Overlooking the harbor and kungstragarden.

gashaga, 1416 Värdshusvägen, Lidingö, Stockholm 18163. +46 8  601 3400 The broad panoramic windows of the restaurant look out over the beautiful Swedish archipelago, with both indoor and quayside dining. You can easily reach them via bus 21X from Ropsten to the end station Gåshaga Bus 21 time table or Waxholmsbåtarna . email

FB Sea

FB Sea, 18 Finnboda Varvsväg, Nacka, Stockholm 13173. +46 8 410 409 19

Restaurant, Hotel J., 52 Augustendalsv., Nacka Strand, Stockholm 13128. Close to the city and at the water's edge near the marina on Nacka Strand, Restaurant J boasts a spectacular view over the beautiful bay. You can see the big cruise ships sailing by. +46 8 601 3025. email.

Finnboda Varvsvag 18, Finnboda, Nacka, Sweden

Dykarbaren Sailors' Bar, 1 Eknö, Sandhamn, Stockholm 130392. +46 8 5715 3554. Dykarbaren - Island on the Archipelago.

Blå Porten, 64 Djurgårdsvägen, Stockholm 11521. +46 8 663 8759.

Fjäderholmarnas Krog, Stora (Large) Fjäderholmen, Skärgården, Stockholm 10005, Sweden. +46 8 718 3355. On a tiny island - 20 min boat trip. Summer. Special. ph

Verandan Cocktail Bar, The Royal Opera House, Karl XII's torg, Stockholm 11186. +46 8676 5812. (reserve 2 weeks) $$ +46 8 676 5801.

Zum Franziskaner, 44 Skeppsbron, Stockholm 11130. Old Town (Gamla Stan). +46 8 411 83 30.

Stadshus kalleren, 1 Hantverkargatan, Stockholm, 11221 Stockholm. +46 650 5454. Nobels. facebook

Cafe Amadeus, Sirishovsveg, Stockholm. +46 7 05 66 2235.




Kaknästornet, Stockholm tv-tower, 155 meter high with the best view of Stockholm, day and night, summer and winter, rain or shine.

Reisen, 12 Skeppsbon, Stockholm 11130. +46 822 3260. pro n

STF Vandrarhem af Chapman & Skeppsholmen, A beautiful, tall-masted boat on the western shore of the charming island of Skeppsholmen. It was Stockholm's shipyard in the 18th century. Now also a youth hostel. The Chapman restaurant is open from 2pm until 11pm every day. Equally importantly, it offers a happy hour between 6pm and 8pm every day. email

Villa Godthem, 9 Rosendalsvägen, Djurgården, Stockholm. +46 48041 10205. Commands a fantastic view in southern Djurgården over Brunnsviken's Bay. Mon to Fri 12 Noon-3pm. 5pm-1am. Sat 12 Noon-3pm. 4pm-1am. Sun 12 Noon-8pm. email

Calmar Hamnkrog

Calmar Hamnkrog

Calmar Hamnkrog, 30 Skeppsbrogatan, Kalmar, Stockholm 39231. +46 4 8041 1020. Mon to Fri 11.30am-3pm. Tues to Sat 5.30-11pm. Sea view. email

Rolfs Kok, 41 Tegnergatan, Stockholm 11161. +46 8789 1696. Vegetarian restaurant. Great view of the town.

Terrace Bar, 7th floor, Scandic Anglais Hotel, 23 Humlegardsgatan, Stockholm 10244. +46 8517 340 00.

Hermans Hermitage, 11 Stora Nygatan, Stockholm. +46 411 9500. Vegetarian.

Grissling Bistro, Skärgårdsvägen, Värmdö, Stockholm area. +46 158 139 36. +46 8570 228 10. Right on the water. email

Holmen Kok and Bar Restaurangholmen, Torben Gruts Väg. Saltsjöbaden. 13339. +46 8717 7767. Road connected island near Stockholm. Great Summer restaurant with water views.

Skargardskrogen, 17A Vikingavägen, Neglinge, Saltsjöbaden. Stockholm area, (S.E.). +46 8 717 1560. Waterside.

Solstugan, 37 Snoilskyvagen, 11264. Beautiful view over Lake Mälaren. 10 minutes Stockholm.

Eken Matsal Restaurant, Panorama Restaurant and the Views Bar, Hilton Slussen Hotel, 8 Guldrand, Stockholm, Sweden 10465. +46 8 517 3 5300. Dining here you will enjoy the view of the picturesque city hall and across the Riddar fjord shore and the waters of Riddarfjärden. On Södermalm Island.

Cafe Stromparterren, Helgeandsholmen, Gramla Stan (Old Town). +46 821 9545. Next to Museum of Medieval Stockholm. Stunning water views.

Blockhusporten  Dining View

Cafe Blockhusporten

Café Blockhusporten. It is a haven with a fantastic view of the water across from Nacka Strand.

Thaiboat, Kajplats 303, Östgötagatan 100, 11668 Stockholm, Sweden +46 8 599 298 50 Along the North side of Hammarbyhamnen. Exotic restaurant Thaiboat. Södermalm. p

Osterlanggatan, now site of many restos, was old harbour street.

Gripsholm Vardshus Restaurant, 1 Kyrkogatan, +46 159 3 4750. Panoramic views. Sweep of the bay. Outside Stockholm.

Waxholms Hotell Restaurant, 2 Hamngatan, +46 8 541 3 0150. 2nd floor dining room of the hotel. p

Helin & Voltaire, 14 Rosendalsvägen, Djurgården. +46 8 664 5108. Café, restaurant & festvåning.


Villa Källhagen,

Bockholmen Hav & Restaurang, Located right by the water on a small island.

Sandhamn Seglarhotell Sandhamn, 130 39 Sandhamn, Sweden ? +46 8 574 504 00 ? sandhamn.com Out on an island East of Stochkholm

Djuronaset hotel

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